Publication Day!

Those Angry Days was published two weeks ago, and it’s been a real whirlwind since then. Every time a book of mine has been published, I feel as if I’ve come out of several years of hibernation into the frenzy of the real world.  This time, it’s been particularly intense, with lots of speaking engagements and interviews. The day before publication, I had a wonderful hour-long chat with Terry Gross on Fresh Air.  Having listened to her for years, I’ve always marveled at how great she is at getting to the heart of a book and its author.  She is a true master at making you feel at ease and, through her insightful questions, teasing out revealing answers.

I also loved being on Hardball with Chris Matthews and very much appreciated Chris’s extremely generous plug of the book.  It was fun, too, to schmooze with fellow authors Jeff Frank (Ike and Dick), Paul Reid (The Last Lion), and Amity Shlaes (Coolidge) on Face the Nation.  Bob Schieffer did a terrific job of getting us to talk about these very disparate biographies and histories.

The best moment, though, came a week after publication. I had just finished giving a speech at Hunter College’s Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute in New York and was sitting down for dinner with my daughter Carly at a nearby restaurant. I checked my email — and found that Those Angry Days had just made #10 on the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list. Carly and I immediately ordered two glasses of champagne. When we told the waitress why we were celebrating, she let out a whoop and returned with the champagne, announcing it was on the house.  The perfect end to a perfect day!


5 thoughts on “Publication Day!

  1. Michael Richards

    This is an awesome read–amazing we even entered the war–excellent value for your money–everyone needs to read to appreciate what we have and how we saved it–

  2. suzanne heiligman

    Perhaps Lynne Olson can speak at the Roosevelt Reading Festival that takes place once a year in Hyde Park New York …. her voice must be heard along with other authors who speak about their books and the volatile period during the Roosevelt administration. This year the speakers will be there on July 27, 2013 if not this year perhaps next year.
    Such a terrific book, chronologically so well put together, a pageturner. THANKS !!

  3. Kellie Strom

    Dear Lynne Olson,
    I have just finished reading Those Angry Days and greatly enjoyed it, and my son of twelve is currently deep into Troublesome Young Men. I was curious about your footnote on The Almanac Singers in Those Angry Days, as it seemed the only mention in the book of American far Left anti-interventionism during the Hitler-Stalin Pact period, and I wondered why there wasn’t more on this. A topic for a blog post perhaps? Thanks for a great pair of books!

  4. Anita Schmidt

    Loved the book of “Those Angry Days” and as a native South Dakotan was interested in learning more about Senator Gerald Nye who is mentioned in the book as being a senator from SD. I had never heard of him, so googled his name. He is listed as a Senator from North Dakota.

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